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Would you like to grow your business? We help companies build strong, customer-focused organizations and market leadership, and we offer agents and ISO’s the opportunity to grow their portfolios. At The Matrix Group, we also pride ourselves on long, rewarding relationships with our clients, agent banks and MSP referral partners.
The Matrix Group provides businesses with a vast array of payment tools for credit, debit, mobile, healthcare and merchant acceptance. At The Matrix Group, we do more than support payments — we support people. Each and every day, we have the opportunity to touch many people and businesses — both a tremendous honor and a huge responsibility. 
We provide introductions to Private Equity and Angel Investment Groups through our partnerships. It is important to note that no concept or business model is too big or too small. We will carefully review all interested parties to see if there is an opportunity for investment capital. 
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Our Team
The Matrix Group has an effective senior management track record of helping payment companies structure their sales and strategic account management teams for success, We push companies to move beyond “What Is” and ask, “What If?” resulting in new sales, better client relations, and more effective sales/client relations teams.
  Our Technology Platforms
Our Technology partners range from accounting & banking platform integration, strategic payment consulting, payment aggregation models (PSP/PF), mobile payments, wallets & beacon strategies, ecommerce ecosystems, payment gatways, clouds POS and terminal manufacturing to developing nascent payment solutions & software. 
Business  Specialists.
​The Matrix Group is a growth consulting company with the goal of setting an innovative standard in offering business owners with direct marketing tools and value added products in the payment processing space. We provide training and products to help accelerate sales and grow profitability--specifically marketing products that will generate new leads that result in sales.
  Merchant Services Experts
Today, the merchants we serve enjoy the fastest and most versatile IP desktop terminals made. Our Internet merchants use the most secure and versatile Internet gateway services in the business. They use a fully functioning virtual terminal with fraud controls, recurring payment modules, and a management console that enables you, the merchant, full control. If you process via swipe, telephone, mail order or virtually you are just steps from developing a payment system that will work better for your company.
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